MSF used wet???


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hi! i was wondering can i use the MSF natural skinfinish with a sqirt of fix + to my brush to increase coverage? I don't like the liquid mineral foundation....


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I think this would be fine, as the mineral eyeshadows are made to be used wet-or-dry, and many other lines have mineral-based products for the face that can be used wet-or-dry for coverage, et cetera.

I'd wait for some other responses though, too, I'm not 100 percent confident in my theory.

Maybe test a teeny tiny patch using a moistened smaller brush? just to see if that area is adversely affected, before committing to a larger brush used damp. Does that make sense? I hope! Good luck!


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Originally Posted by aziajs
I've been told by MAC MAs that the MSF naturals are never to be used wet.

i think you're right. i squirted my 109 brush with fix+ and then tried to apply it: eww streaky mess...and to compact has absorbed some of the fix+ and i had to wait for it to dry , i ended up scraping some of with a disposable mascara wand LOL...


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oh wow, my MA actually told me that I can use a wet brush or spritz some water on my face with/after the MSF to give me a more dewy look. Actually, it worked really nicely. My complexion looked flawless and more together with the watered brush.


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My MSF natural is hard as a rock and I did not intend to use a wet brush, so I would say scrape off what u want use and put in another container.


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Spray your brush after you have loaded it up with the powder and then apply. I haven't tried it with MSF's but if you apply on your face and then spray and blend a little it makes it look nice.

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