MUFE HD Liquid or MAC Studio Fix Fluid?


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Which one do you prefer, MUFE HD Liquid foundation or MAC Studio Fix Fluid? I have slightly oily skin, not too much. My skin is a little bit dry but again, not very dry at all. I don't mind having to use an oil blot pad or two throughout the day.

I'm looking for light to medium MATTE coverage. I'm very happy with MUFE Duo Mat powder foundation. I'm thinking of trying their mat bronzer as well.


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hmmm.. this is what i've been asking myself for some time now.. I had both Studio fix fluid and MUFE HD foundation and I used to like using studio fix fluid more than the HD foundation. When I knew I was going to be taking pictures i would use the HD foundation.
I find the HD foundation makes me a bit shiny throughout the day and I have to re-powder.
For everyday use.. i'd rather the studio fix fluid.


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I have both and as much as I love the HD foundation, it turns greasy on me although I have normal skin which isn't oily in any way but I still love the coverage and the formula, I think that in order for it to work great u gotta get the HD powder too which I am going to try and see, on the other hand SFF is amazing coverage and never does it oil up my face! It is still my no.1 foundation!!


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studio fix fluid, i'm way to oily for HD even with a primer!!!! i i ever get normal skin again i would try it again cuz it does look lovely in pics

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