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Originally Posted by Ikara
I've gone through all the HD thread and here's a list of what lovely specktra ladies use: HD - MAC 115 - NW15/20 117 - NC15/20 118 - NW/C20 120 - NC25/30 123 - NC30 127 - NC30/35 128 - NC35 135 - NW30 140 - NC35/40 153 - NC40 155 - NC35/40 170 - NC40 173 - NC45 175 - NW45 177 - NC45/50 178 - NC50 185 - NW55 I think it might be a bit confusing as several colors match the same MAC colors, but please bear in mind that the HD foundation is much more forgiving in color matching than other foundations.
Yes, MUFE HD is more forgiving. In MAC I'm an NC35-40 and my prefect color match in HD is 123. 127 is too bronzey and 128 is too beige. 123 is perfect for me
I'm nc35 in mac studio fix and bought the HD in 128 and find it to be a bit too tan. I also has 120 which is light also also 130 which is a bit on the pink side. Do u think I can mix the 128 and 120 to bring down the colour? Help. I don't have a sephora near me and rely on posts and color suggestions form sephora and MUF online. Any suggestions????

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I'm NC20-25 with strong yellow undertones. I wear:

MAC Matchmaster 1.5
MUFE 120
Bobbi Brown Fair BB Cream


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I'm NW50 and wear/wore the HD foundation in 185. There's no exact match given in the initial chart.


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Bumping this as I now have a match in mat velvet as well. I was matched to #35 (Vanilla), it matches perfectly and I love the finish of this foundation. I'm in between NW25 and 30 in sff and NW25 in sculpt. So I think I've got all my MUFE shades covered now, lol! I love their foundations! MUFE HD: 118 (flesh) MUFE F&B: #32 MUFE Duo Matte: 205 MUFE Mat Velvet: #35 (vanilla) Hope that helped someone
These are my perfect matches as well! This thread was a hugggeeee help!!


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I love this list!
I'm right in btw NC15 and 20 and I do wear 117 in HD foundation
117 is a bit lighter than I wanted it to be, but works great anyways :)
I am not sure about my foundation match in Mac. But I got a sample of 123 and 128 from Sephora recently and 123 is a perfect match for me.
What could be my shade in Mac F & B and Studio Fix?
I tried my sample of 123 today and it oxidized!!


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Hi all can anyone help me please I'm wanting to purchase hd foundation And never purchased foundation from make up forever before ( apart from when I had my college kit from 2002 lol ) but those colours wernt for me lol Anyhows I'm a nw22-25 apparently in mac Can I ask what people think I would be in hd MUFE thank you :)


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i am also shade nc20 and i ordered number 40 but i am
light skin with yellow undertones which does not appear in their options.. :(
btw.. what undertone is beige?? is it like a pink?


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are the shades in the stick foundation same as in the liquid hd? i am mac nc15 and i think liquid in 117 works well so would it be same with the stick?

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