My 2 Year old finally got his hands on my Make up ....


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I walked around the corner to find my loving 2 year old that ALWAYS helps "mommy get pretty " with a make up compact and half of it on his face .... He was soo happy a smiling .... Said ... "I'm pretty like you mommy ...." Then upon seeing my face ..." Sorry" ....

He was soo cute I couldn't help it and started laughing ... which made him feel better. We had the talk about how he couldn't put make up on unless Mommy was helping and he said sorry again : but i just had to share .



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His daddy had a cow ... He doesn't like it b/c I'll puff his face with my make up brushes while I am putting my make up on ... and then this was just " too much " lol ....


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Oh, I understand. Mr. Rbella wigs out if I tell him I'm going to put makeup on my nephew. No way in hell!!! I say it just to taunt him.....


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Thats so funny! aw how cute! I do the same thing to my son. Ill put clean brushes on his face! and now he gets his baby lotion and moisturizes his face all the time! lol he also brushes his hair, and likes to powder me up!
He doesnt really talk though.. Im starting to be a bit concerned cus I hear a lot of other 2yr old talks and he just mumbles and points..

Your son is so adorable by the way! love his eyes!


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Bless his heart!! Talk about a memory you will treasure......

Beyond sweet. And he is a beautiful boy.


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After he helps me put on my make up ... he'll say you're pretty mommy... today I guess i didn't let him help enough b/c he said .... NO mommy you're not pretty yet lol

His daddy got a kick out of that lol

I love that he helps me with make up and I will surly treasure these moments. I am really trying to savor them all ... My little boy is getting so big.


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man, he is CUTE! i think that's awesome that he tells you you're pretty in the morning. i usually don't like kids...until they do something like that haha they're so cute sometimes.


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How precious!

I don't know if you scrapbook, but this picture is screaming scrapbook to me!


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Lmao. Ah Kaden.... that's precious/cute/everything everyone else says. I love that you puff his face too you dork LOL

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