My attempt at one of the Halloween face charts!!


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Originally Posted by SparklingWaves
That's super hard to do. I don't know if I could pull it off as well as you.

I don't know how this would work, but you could try making the face white. This would make everything else stand out more. Do the upper eyes in a nice routine neutral e/s look. Do the lips in a maroon color. Make the ripped zipper eye part in a blood red. But, keep the zipper narrow. You could actually put some fake blood on them in the red part. I would put the Halloween press on super long fake lashes on top and just use a mascara wand to hash out the lashes on the side of the ripped part.

It looks like the zipper is done in a copper color. Maybe draw it in black and line it with copper glitter liner to give a zipper effect. I would use a lip pencil in nude to make those indents in the face.

Those things are super hard. What you have there may be the best way. Whew!

That sounds awesome, I'll definately have to try it out that way.. maybe for Halloween itself! Thanks for the tips!

& Thankyou everyone else for your kind comments!


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Looks cool, but instead of using pencil on the side bit I think false lashes were used...

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