my "back from America" haul!!!! =D


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Hi ppl!
long time no see. my america trip was awesome!!!! we have been to so many different places in this one month. san francisco, sausalito, napa valley, yosemite, san simeon, santa cruz, santa barbara, san diego, los angeles (long beach), las vegas, grand canyon, bryce canyon, death valley, sequoia national park, and monterey.
Everything was reaaaally pretty and nice (except for death valley which me and my mother didnt enjoy at ALL). Most of all i loved san francisco! now im thinking of making an university exchange with san fran some time

anyways: thx for all your suggestions, i eally did get myself a few of the stuff you told me to. =) i also bought myself loads of clothes, a few pairs of shoes and bags. maybe il post some in upcoming fotds, it would be to much to take pictures of now. anyways here goes my american haul:

philosophy: carrot cake
philosophy: go coconuts
nars blushes: exhibit a, orgasm (yay! finally), mata hari
smashbox: o-glow
smashbox: photo finish in adjust
urban decay: UDPP
urban decay heavy metal liner: air guitar
bare minerals all-over face color: clear radiance
mufe: HD Powder
stila: kitten es
and of course: MAC:
lip erase: pale
mixing medium: eyeliner
glitter: crystalled lime, crystalled orange, silver
piggies: pink bronze, landscape green
pro palette
es: goldmine, swiss chocolate, sumptuous olive, bronze, shroom, amber lights, copperplate, poison pen, paradisco
brushes: 138, 190, 129, 182, 224, 213

thx for looking


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Originally Posted by Shaquille
Cool haul.. I have a question though.. is your landscape green 2.5 gram?

uhm dont exactly get what that means... but if thats: is the jar full (like the other pigments) then... yes.....
is that what you meant?

thank you girls


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GREAT stuff!! I would be tickled pink with all of that new stuff! I'm glad you had a nice trip to the US! Enjoy your goodies


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great haul!

I have lived in CA [san francisco] all of my life and I never understood the huge appeal that people see haha..I guess its fun if you are here and then dont get to see the traffic, eqarthquakes, weather, obnoxious people, ghettoness and high prices of food, gas,housing


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Wonderful haul! So many delightful things to play with. It's fantastic that you had a great trip.