My beginners collection (after first 6 months of obsession)


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I love looking at other people's collections and I think it is a cool way to keep track of what one has...

I have in no way as great collection as some folks here but I still think I have way too much after just a year of my makeup obsession
Well I don't really, but my wallet screams everytime I walk into the MAC store

Before I begin in earnest let me warn you of several things

  1. I am a little more than obsessed with my little stash so please bear with me, I am not trying to brag, this is just another way for me how to enjoy my goodies
  2. As you will probably notice I am obsessed with some things more than others - so be prepared for brushes makeup bags and neutrals overload

Let's start with my skincare items:

  • Microfine Refinisher
  • Cremewash
  • Mineralize All-over Lotion
  • Wipes
  • Gently off Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
  • PRO Eye Makeup Remover
  • FIX+
  • Studio Moisture FIX SPF 15
  • Studio Moisture FIX Lotion
  • Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (my backup exfoliator since I am almost out of Microfine ref.)
I decided to photograph all my Body Shop items separately to make the pictures smaller:

  • Cranberry Body Butter, Cranberry Shimmer Body Butter, Cranberry Fragrance Oil, Cramberry Shimmer Lotion, Cranberry Body Polish, Cranberry Shower Gel
  • Cranberry Hand Cream, Cucumber Freshening Water, Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial wash, Seaweed Clarifying Toner, Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream (I do not use the Seaweed line on daily basis but on days when my skin breaks out or is unbearably oily I won't hesitate to use it.)
  • In the bag on the left are all my Body Shop backups - because I love the Cranberry line which is Christmas collection only I have to stock up quite a bit to last the whole year
Next is face "stuff":

  • Mineralize SPF 15 (NW 15), Studio FIX Powder Plus Foundation (NW15), Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Light), Accentuate/Sculpt Sculpt and Shape Duo
  • PREP+PRIME Transparent Finishing Powder, Dainty Mineralize Blush, Personal Style Beauty Powder Blush (BPB), Enough Said BPB, Shy Beauty BPB
  • Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 (Light), Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer, Smashbox Anti-shine, Smashbox Photo Finish Light, PREP+PRIME Face Protect SPF 50, PREP+PRIME Skin Refined Zone Treatment x2 (almost out of my first one)
  • Dancing Light and Drizzlegold loose Beauty Powder samples, Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer (NC15), Select Moisturecover (NW15), Too Faced Absolutely Inivisible Candlelight
On to eye "stuff":

  • Vanilla, Dazzlelight, Shroom, -empty-, Dazzleray pigment sample, Quick Frost pigment sample, White Gold pigment sample, Reflects Gold glitter sample, Chartreuse pigment sample, Golden Olive pigment sample
  • Nylon, Gorgeous Gold, Goldmine, Bronze, Mulch, Fairylite pigment sample, Provence pigment sample, Your Ladyship pigment sample, Era, Mystery
  • Greensmoke, Humid, Black Tied, Mont Black, Carbon, CJ's Black Forest shimmer sample, Green brown pigment sample, Chocolate Brown pigment sample, Trax, Beauty Marked
  • Backup PRO Palette Eyeshadow x15, my "Everyday quad" (White Frost, Soba, Coquette, Smashbox Rapture), my "Smashbox quad" (Serpent, Oyster, Zoom, Safari - all Smashbox), Photorealism quad, Colour 4 quad
  • Bare Study paintpot, Mosscape paintpot, Blacktrack fluidline, Richground fluidline, Sweet Sage fluidline
  • Vanilla, Universal Mix, Naked, Provence, Cocomotion, Melon, Copperbeam, Tea Time, Rich Life pigments, Reflects Transparent Teal and Reflects Transparent Blue glitters (in MAC stackable jars because I wanted to transfer my Universal Mix and Rich Life into the old style pigment jars), Gilt by Association MES
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Studio Fix lash in Black Fix, (once) Clear Brow Set
  • Cuddle and Relaxed Shadesticks, Black Greasepaint Stick (the one from Style Black collection), MaX Factor False Lash Effect in waterproof black
  • Fascinating and Smolder e/k, Feline k/p, Graph Black t/k, Teddy e/k, Bountiful Brown p/p, Bourjois Duochrome e/l in 57 Noir Emeraude
Almost there, now lip products:

  • Lip Conditioner, Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lipbalm (Just a Smidge), Hush Hush tendertone, Hue lipstick, Dervish lipliner
  • Pleasure Principle, Sugarrimmed, Moth to Flame and Baby Sparks Dazzleglasses
  • Snowscene Lipglass, Luminary, Instant Gold and Spring Bean Lustreglasses, C-Thru Lipglass
Enough with products, here are my brushes:

  • Sigma travel size brushes and Eye Kit brushes, Hello Kitty Brush Set Holder, Too Faced Kabuki Brush, Too Faced Flatbuki
  • Too Faced 5 Makeup Brushes Set (powder/blush, angled shadow, fluff shadow blender, eye definer and angled liner/brow brush, came with a pink/metallic makeup bag), Hello Kitty Brush Set (#187SE, #109SE and #239SE), tiny #209SE, Enchanting Vermillion 5 Basic Brush Kit (#129SE, #219SE, #239SE, #266SE and #316SE)
  • #224, #222, #217, #165, Do-the-Trick Buff & Line Brush set and Wave of Wand Sweep & Define brush set (#187SE, #129SE, #168SE, #190SE, #227SE, #252SE, #275SE, #212SE, #219SE and #209SE)
Here are my makeup bags:

  • San-X Amaguri-chan plush pouch (it's too small to hold anything useful but I keep it because it is darn cute!), The Body Shop Seaweed sample bag, Eye and Lip bags from Holiday 2009 kits
  • Sigma brush roll from Naughty in Black travel kit, Too Faced makeup bag from the 5-piece brush set (all my Sigma travel brushes live here, I take it with me when I travel), Hello Kitty makeup bag
  • 2 brush bags from the Holiday 2009 brush kits
  • DAKINE Prima toiletry bag in the color Plush Plaid (I use this when travelling for all my makeup and skin/bodycare)
  • Hello Kitty toiletry bag (hold some of my products and tools in the bathroom and sometimes I use it in stead of the DAKINE one), Sephora brush roll (when I want to travel with more brushes than fits into the Too Faced bag), Färg&Form Sweden Elk Makeup Bag (a souvenir from my trip to Stockholm - I love the elk pattern and the design of the bag - one pocket is larger and one is flat with section for brushes. I use this as my everyday makeup bag)
And to finish it all off - tools:

Miscellaneous items that poped up when I was done with photographing certain group, empty packaging for B2M and ALL my MAC bills

And because I had the camera in my hands I also did the "What's in my makeup bag" photo

  • Random Nail File Holder with small nail file and mini tweezers
  • Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Moisture Treatment Pen
  • Lip Conditioner
  • Chanel Pin-up glossimer, Instant Gold lustreglass - I change these every day depending on what I am wearing
  • Blot Powder pressed (Medium), Too Faced Flatbuki, Bath & Body Works PocetBac - Anti-bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Gel (Japanese Cherry Blossom)
And that's it. That's all I've got. But now that I look at it... Man, I have quite a bit, don't I

Hehe, anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed and if you have any questions about any of the products feel free to ask about them - I will be happy to share my experience with you


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you have a fabulous collection. makes me wonder what it will look like in another 6months!!


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Originally Posted by makeba
you have a fabulous collection. makes me wonder what it will look like in another 6months!!

Thank you
And I really wonder too
I hope with the basic things finally obtained it won't be so "bad" in another 6 months - but who knows


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Your collection looks ALOT like how mine started out. I'm thinking of doing this for my constantly growing collection.. Great obsession so far!


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Originally Posted by nursee81
how do you like the refinisher

I really like it. I have tried quite a few scrubs (albeit not so fancy/expensive) and every single one of them was awful - the particles were too big and sharp and aside from totally scratching and ruining my face the products did nothing.

I use Refinisher 2-3x a week when I am finishing my shower in the evening, spread a little on my hands (about the size of a hazelnut) and GENTLY (it is really QUITE effective) rub all over my face. Then I rinse it and wash my face with Cremewash, after I pat myself dry I moisturize my face even if the rest of the body doesn't particulary need it that time...

My skin is really soft and my occasional breakouts stopped (sadly, aside from my bloody chin
) and my pores and blackheads also improved a lot - so yeah, I really like it and until I find something better I will continue to buy/use it



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Nice beginner's collection ! More joy would come when your collection grows !