My Bestfriend's wedding


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My partner and I went to Maryland because my BF got married last Monday. Maryland is super beautiful and I can't wait to finish nursing school so we can move to a more desirable location (we live in super hot Las Vegas now). Anyhow, we left last week. We spent Sunday in Maryland, we went to Washington D.C. on Monday and New York on Tuesday and came home on Wednesday. We had a ton of fun. Here are some pics. BTW....I'm in the pink dress, my partner is in the black slacks with the light pink sweater, and my BF is in the off white dress.



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Aw, the bride and groom look so happy to have their special day shining upon them. You are so beautiful, and look stunning in that pink dress~! Thanks for sharing.

Ms. Z

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CONGRATULATIONS! to your friends.

You & your bgf look great; and yes, you look beautiful in pink.

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