my big-ish haul :)

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Went shopping Saturday & Sunday and bought:


From Lush:

Curly Wurly conditioning shampoo in a pot
Honey Bee BB
Demon In The Dark soap
Alkmaar soap
bit of Bohemian sample

for my cousin max:

Big Calm Jelly
Big Blue BB
Marathon BBS
big sample of Bohemian
good sample of Ice Blue

John Tucker Must Die DVD
Dude Where's My Car? DVD
Shaun of the Dead DVD

MAC Graph Black technakohl liner
MAC Lady Bug lipstick
MAC Tender Baby tendertone gloss

Kiss picture Vinyl
Vinyl box

Today i got:

Addams Family Values DVD
Thirteen Ghosts DVD
Futurama poster
AC/DC poster
2 Photo Albums
6x4 Photopaper
A4 Photopaper
Jelly Mould
no name brand Sugar Cookie smelling candle

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