My dearest Trent,


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Oh how I love thee. Yes, it's true...I am married and you have never met me, but I'm sure.........
blah, blah, blah
Hmmm, he was so yummy last night @ the show. For those of you wondering, I'm speaking of the one and only
Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails).
He hit the high spots on all of the albums, but I would love to hear him perform Get Down Make Love live. He did hit several of my faves like Reptile, Sin (one of the remixes on the Sin single) and Suck (believe it or not this time he didn't bash Pigface after the song!)
and how could I forget the end of the show......well I'll let Janice tell that story if she wants to


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Wow, how'd you end up getting tickets? I thought Janice tried and it was sold out. I love Trent so much..........


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He played at a bigger venue this time. Good and Bad: Good that we were able to get tickets, Bad in that we were in a large venue. Still a great show though

Professor Fate

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it was fun.i loved it when 10,000+ people boo'd at the sight of "president w dumbass" when a shot of him was up on the screen.

fuck trent's music,that video owned all.

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