My desperate haul


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some of my lipglass has been stolen by my roomate's friend..

i am very sad and dissapointed, get fever on the other exam
just around the corner..and no mac store nearer me..only at my i want to rejoice myself when i go back to my hometown
this coming 15th..some make up on my mind

1)Prrr Lipglass
2)Studio Perfect NC30
3)Parfait Amour e/s
4)Freshwater e/s
5)Teal pigment

can u guys suggest me any lipstick colour??


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I'm so sorry to hear that!! VGV is a great lipstick, and it goes with everything!!


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That sux!! I would be so pissed! Prr is very pretty. If you like pink, pearly colors, you might also want to check out Of Corset. Oh, and I love Parfait Amor, It's a great color! Good luck w/ your purchases (and keeping your roomate's friends away from them.) lol!

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