My fave look & Brazillian Straightening


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As some of you know, I work at a hair salon, and I just got my hair Brazillian Keratin Straightened. So far, I LOVE it. I have to wait another 3 days before I can wash it, but it feels so healthy and amazing. I will def. let you all know how it works out.

So, on to my fotd. I love this look, its like a smokey golden neutral but not really eye, and Im obsessed.

What I used: *All Mac unless otherwise noted*

Oil Control Lotion
Smashbox Color Correcting Photo Finish Primer
SFF - NW30
Select Cover Up - NW25
MSF - Medium Dark

Paint Pot - Bare Study
Goldmine e/s
Tan p/g
Vanilla p/g
Carbon e/s
Fluidline - Blacktrack
Zoomlash - Zoomblack

Urban Decay Brow Box - Brown Sugar

Lollipop Loving l/s
C- Thru l/g

I really love this look, and I hope you do too!


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Originally Posted by ILoveMacMakeup
Whats the difference between a Brazillian and a Japanese straightner?

The difference is that the Japanese is permenant which leaves a crease in your hair, and its VERY damaging. The Brazillian fades out evenly over about 4 to 5 months and it never creases. The brazillian is also pure protein locked into the hairs cuticle, so its actually very beneficial to hair, rather than harmful.


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very pretty


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Very pretty look

I just went to the hair show in NYC on sunday, and they had this brazilian straightening system. You've got to let me know details when you can, my boss is thinking of getting some at our salon and I wasn't really feelin the idea but I'm glad that you've had it done so that I can hear more about it.


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Originally Posted by ashleydenise
I like the makeup!! && I wish I could get my hair straightened! I'm afraid it would be too frizzy still tho =[

The brazilian hair straightening loosens the curl/straightens but one of the main points about it is that it takes away frizz frm the hair. I doubt ur hair would still give u problems after a service like this

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