My First FOTD - coincidentally MAC interview look


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Hi everybody!

So this is my first one... please, don't judge too harshly, I don't have that much of experience with make up. Plus, I didn't do anything with my lips when I took pictures. I'm also learning how to use the camera, so that the colors come out properly - it's bloody dificult! I know there are a few tutorials here on how to do it, but I don't think my camera is that great either. Anyways, today was my first interview with MAC! Hopefully, one of the 4! It was very cool, actually. Everybody was great and friendly!

The last pic is after the interview.
What I love about taking pics of make up is that you can see all the mistakes you did right away. FOr example, I think I'm a bit too pale.

The only MAC products that I used here were the Fibre Lash Mascara & Studio Finish Concealer NC15. All e/s are from Alobon pallete which I got in China - I've never even heard about this company before than, but I like their colors.



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Thanks for your support, everybody. And don't be shy with constructive critism, either, it's the only way to learn!

bjorne_again: my hair has a bit of a natural wave (a very small bit), so after washing it I liberally aplied Nolita curl definer, let it dry for 15 min and then blow-dried with the diffuser. Then I curled random pieces just to give it a more messy - curly look. Took me about 20 - 30 min. hope that helps


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you somehow remind me of Uma Thurman
love love the hair too! wish i can do mine like that except that my hair resist any kind of temporary curling.


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Just a tip, on your next interviews with MAC, please wear nothing but MAC make up, they DO notice.


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very pretty!!! hope you get the job^^
it would have been perfect with a little gloss, but you look great anyway

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