my first pics on specktra!!! ( blush)


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Hello everybody!
as I still don't feel confident enough to post a face of the day ... here's some pics of me


in the 1st one I'm wearing woodwinked eyeshadow ( i'd just bought it the day before ) --- that was like 4 o 5 months ago, still had a fringe and medium lenght hair...
in the second pic I'm wearing short hair ( more or less like I have it now), and almost no makeup
which shows all the nasty freckles I get every summer no matter how much I protect my skin!
( but it's the best pic I could find to show you what I look like at the moment..)



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ooh woodwink looks spectacular on you! i do like your short hair and freckles are adorable.don't write them off as nasty....

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