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My first tutorial- How to Depot for those who don't have a clue (pic heavy)


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I hope this is in detail enough! If not, feel free to ask a question.

You will need:


-Eyeshadow. I used gleam in this tutorial.
-Sharpish object. I usually use tweezers but I used a nail file for this tut because it was closer.
-Flat iron. Mine is from eBay for like $10. I don't straighten my hair, but you need a flat iron! It heats up, which is enough.
-Random magnet (this was a free one. I usually take them when they give them out for this purpose.)
-Wax paper
-Empty palette.



Begin by turning on the flat iron. This may seem obvious but mine sometimes takes a while to turn on.


Ok. Now push the pointy object into the little line in the eyeshadow container. Instead of pushing in horizontally, do it at an angle so it goes in easier, so the sharp object is doing down and into the container. It will go in easier.


This is the hardest part IMO and I have a hard time describing so I made a diagram
I don't know what I meant when I was writing this haha, but pointed, not slanted tweezers work best for me.


Twist it so the top separates from the bottom.


Place the wax paper onto the hot flat iron and place the eyeshadow on top.



While you wait, cut out the magnet so that it's about dime-sized, but square.


Keep waiting.


And waiting.


And waiting. (this is why a good flat iron would be better, one which gets really hot)


And finally, you should be able to see a hole in the bottom. It will be silver, and this isn't quite it. I forgot to take a picture


Use your pointy object from earlier and put it through the hole.

Now your eyeshadow is separated from the plastic part!


While the glue is still sticky, put the magnet writing side down onto it the back of the pan.


Now, we have to get the label off of the pot.


Put it onto the wax paper on the flat iron.


Now, peel it off. Place it into the palette in the coordinating spot. You can't really see it, but it's there! Or, put this on the magnet. I like having it in the palette, personally.


We're all done now! Yay.

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