my hair is greeeeen


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I was trying for yellow, because I've been fascinated with the idea of having yellow in my hair for about two years. I have two little pigtails on the sides, and it looks like a mullet when it isn't in the pigtails, so if I get sick of having to wear them in pigtails all the time I can just chop them off because I'm used to making changes to my hair. Now that I have different bangs I'll actually have to make my eyebrows look presentable... it will be a daunting task. (In the picture above I messed up one of them trying to fill them in with an angled brush that was a bit too frayed, haha.)

Oh, and look at my eye makeup, too... on my outer corners is a mixture of the eyeshadows Love and Glitz by Prestige. I chipped a bit out of each pan, ground them up, and made them into a loose powder! It's a pale shimmery orangey pink color. Just wanted to talk about my achievement, haha.


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Haha, cute.

I tried dying my hair blue in high school once. I didn't do the math that blonde = yellow, and blue + yellow = green. Whoops.

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