My "hello, I've got no lipstick on but my hair's up" FOTD


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It's 6 in the morning and school starts late today (finals :[).

Anywho, out of boredom, I took some pics.

Real boring, but I love my hair XD.

Please ignore the zit in the middle of my head. :\

Um...what did I use to make this plain look?

Eyebrows: Brunette Brow Finisher and Brun e/s
Eyes: Vanilla pigment, rose pigmenet (yeah, it's there!), sunnydaze pigment, and a mix of shadowy lady and endless love in the crease

Oh! and layers and layers of lancome hypnose mascara and primer!

Face: Medium concealer pallete, Pink Swoon blush mixed with some max factor blush (plum...something?), and COTY powder.

Thanks for wasting your time to look at me! XD

Now, time for school.


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What a pretty babe you are! beautiful look for day time. I love your face you look so cute


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That looks gorgeous! Soft and light but effective. And the hair is amazing. Good luck on your finals!


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Wow this is so pretty and I LOVE your hair. When you have time could you do a tut for it its beautiful and I'm a n00b when it comes to pompadours but anyways goodluck on your finals!


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Thanks everyone!

Finals are finally over! YAYYYY! can't really see my makeup in the pictures...I just noticed that.

And the hair is much bigger in person.

I might be able to do a tutorial for the pomp/quiff tomorrow when I do it again. XD