My Inauguration experience [PICS]


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i have TONS of pics and lots of video clips, but i wont bore you with all of that so i'll just post a few. my mom called me and was like OMG I JUST SAW YOU ON CNN!!! haha

my friend courtney and i freezing outside lol

view of the m mall and all the people, reflecting pool behind us

same shot as above, but zoomed in

and again..look at ALL of those people!


zoomed in capitol shot




the pic i HAD to take

and some i didnt get a chance to resize

me at the metro waiting for the very first train

me sitting in line at like, 4:something in the morning

people sitting and standing just to get a closer glimpse of Barack and Biden

waiting for snacks lol

kids ice skating on the reflecting pool. people were seriously drunk with happiness and doing things out of the ordinary. this wasn't very safe in my opinion though..

just disgusting. i love barack n all...but i wouldnt sit on a damn port-o-potty for him LOL

me holding up my ticket


youth ball ticket

home states ball ticket

what a great experience


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You have certainly witnessed history! It must have been an amazing experience. How was the ball? What did you wear?


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oh i didnt go to the ball, just took pics of the tickets. i should have clarified. my bad lol.

i work for the company that creates and manages all of Obama's websites. so of course we got hooked up. we had to choose either a free Sundance trip, free swearing in tickets, free ball tickets or free parade tickets.

i chose swearing in tix. but the ball tickets were BEAUTIFUL so i had to take a shot of those.

and yes, it was amazing. i cried so much yesterday i still have a headache lol


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hi miss resha,
that is so cool for you to be able to attend and be with those people on such a historical event ! i would be there if i am living in the USA !
amazing ! maybe i saw you on CNN too because i was watching the program.
thanks for sharing this breath taking pictures.


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Wow, thank you for posting and sharing those with us!! What an amazing experience it must have been.
I mean, other than the blistering cold and long lines, but after all was said and done i bet it was well worth it. You now have an experience to pass down to generations to come!
How awesome.


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Girl, you have an awesome job and great pictures! What a thing to experience!!!

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us...


WOW!!! What an amazing experience. I was in Grant Park on election night and that was just so over whelming and left me in awe for days. I can not even imagine the feeling being able to actually be there when PRESIDENT OBAMA (I will never tire of saying that!!!) was sworn in!!! AMAZING!!!


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How exciting!! The only time I saw Obama was at a rally here last year. But what you got to see was WAY better! Thank you for sharing.


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That is amazing!! I couldn't imagine what that must have felt like! I know it is an experience you will never forget!

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