My Itsy Bitsy Haul.....


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Here's my November/December (hopefully soon to be continued haul)
1. Formal Black Eye Brushes
2. Dress Set Cool Pigments
3. Formal Black Viva Glam Set
4. Dress Set Lipgelee
5. Zoomlash Zoomblack

My partner has been asking me what I want for Christmas and you gals and guys know what I told her, right??? Gift certificate to MAC, gift certificate to MAC. She said that she is not getting me anymore MAC. It's going to be a mystery what she gets me because there is nothing else that I want.....

...I'll keep you all posted.


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I keep asking my boyfriend for MAC GC & Nordstrom GC as well for MAC. I think that he thinks I should think beyond MAC for Christmas but that is what I really want.
Nice haul!


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haha my boyfriend and i went to MAC yesterday and he was just stunned he kept pointing to thingas and going like u have this u have that...hahah it was cracking me up...


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Great haul, but I'm switching it up......I'm asking for a gift card to Ulta or Sephora, LOL!

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