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Im not sure if this is the proper place for this so please feel free to move if needed, i looked around and wasnt sure. I got bored this evening and decided to play with my makeup and while i was doing my eyeshadow i used a few brushes i havent used in a while, they were A) elf shader brush B) smash box e/s brush C) Sonia something another *not sure of name but, anyhow I noticed the above mentiond brushes took at least 4-5 swipes to get any decent color pay off while using those brushes, versus maybe twice using my mac 214 and 219 brushes. I mean im not dissen the other brushes cuz i do use them when i dont wanna get my mac brshes dirty, But dang i can really tell a difference in so many ways i cant even begin to explain. So i came to this conclusion...Mac brushes are abs. the best iv used and iv used many over the years. Oh, another thing abt the others em um..lesser brushes is you have to use much more product to get the desired effect,which means more $$ So anyhow, I just thought i would throw my little discovery out there in case enquireing minds wanted to know.LOL. I hope this helps someone.


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This makes me want to buy a mac brush! I've been dying for the 217.. hopefully will get it whenever I have money. I own zero Mac brushes

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