My Little Princess


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This is my Megan, she 10 years old and wanted me to do a makeup trial run for her School disco in a couple of weeks time. Trying to get lower lash liner and mascara on to her was a blinking nightmare (literally). Anyway let me know what you think C.C. is always welcome.

products used:

Nars Makeup Primer
MUFE HD foundation in 120
Nars Mont Blanc pressed powder foundation

Highlight - Mac Seedy Pearl
Inner Lid - Urban Decay Sphynx
Outer Lid - Urban Decay Ecstasy
Outer V and Crease - Urban Decay AC/DC
Top Lash Line - Mac Blacktrack Fluidline topped with UD Ecstasy
Lower lash line - UD AC/DC with lots of blinking and pulling away

Mascara - YSL Faux Cils

Cheeks (she kept saying "give me them bronzy cheeks like you have mummy)
MAC Accentuate Scuplt Powder
Benefit 10 Bronze
Benefit 10 Pink Higlight
Coastal Scents top left of the 10 Color Blush Palette

In the photo is Mac lovechild which she applied herself as she'd already eaten off the Mac Zazoom I'd put her on




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Awwww thank you for for your lovely comments, she really is a little sweetie. The idea was to make her feel glammed up but not make her look too old as she's fairly tall for her age.

She loves makeup and does a pretty good job herself at applying it, she normally does subtle washes on her eyes, a touch of mascara and a lip gloss.


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She looks adorable and the colours are really lovely on her.

When applying eyeliner or mascara to her lower lashes have have roll her eyes towards the ceiling (just her eyes not her head) then she won't see you coming; the same for her upper lashes too but in the opposite direction. HTH


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Wow, she's only 10?? I would have guessed at LEAST 15. She's gorgeous!

Kids grow up too damned fast anymore. *cry*