My MAC dream


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I had this dream last week...

I went to MAC in London to exchance some empties for a B2M l/s and I was talking to the MA and she said

"Would you be interested in something else instead?"
So I was like "Maybe, what ya got?"

Then she gave me the Zandra Rhodes palette which was apparently worth £90 ($180ish) is my dream because she wanted the 6 empties herself lol!

I wish that would happen!

Chic 2k6

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i had a MAC dream the other night, I went into the MAC PRO store then all of sudden staff was congratulating me for being the millionth customer and gave me a PRO card for free, and 95% off all MAC items for that day, was so awesome haha


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ack i hate when i have mac dreams.. i wake up all excited thinking i got a whole bunch of new stuff only to realize it was a dream. talk about disappointment!!

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