My Maddness..


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pays off!!! Most of you know that we ordered the LG Tromm washer and dryer... I ordered them Jan 9th - here it is .. Feb 6th. They were supposed to be here 10-14 days

prior to me ordering them. Well they call me on the 19th, and said they were here and when can they deliver them gave then that Friday, well they called me the next day

and said it was damaged in shipment.. so they would have to re order ... GREAT. So a week goes by I don't hear from them.. they gave me a date .... and I called them and

said they were not here.. at this point I am FRUSTRATED!!! Well at this time I was talking to managers and I wanted to see what the hell is going on .. I know its really not

Home Depot's fault its the shippers.. so I try not to be to.. abrupt. They apologized and what not ( I won't go it to great detail ) but she said it was supposed to be here today

so I call HD and it just rings .. so I decided to pay HD a visit..and find out what was going on. Well needless to say its not here, its SUPPOSED to be here in a couple of

days, but for my troubles I am getting the pedestals that the washers sit on for free! They cost $189.00 each! I was totally happy about that... so I guess I can wait HD

took care of me.

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