My migraine


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Today I am groggy and a little buzzed. I had to go to the ER and geta shot last night to get rid of a migraine. It was beginning to take the usual route and would respond to none of the usual painkillers. If my doctor would have been open I would have gone there. Anyway, I slept for close to 17 hours and am still a little loopy.

Anyway have to go to the ER or doctor to get a shot of something powerful. How long does it take you to get over the effects? (I will be a little out of it for a couple more days)


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oh man...i've been there. er trip and all. i hope you are feeling better soon. and never have another migraine again.


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I can control mine with medication, but hearing from friends who have had to go to the ER, they say that they are a bit groggy/sluggish for about 2 days. It all depends on what they give you, how much they give you and how you metabolize the medication. Hope you feel better.

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