My new piercing!


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I got my daith pierced yesterday and it has so far been the most troublesome free piercing I have ever had. Hardly hurt getting it done, couldn't feel any pain afterwards, only felt a bit hot, I can sleep on it so all in all I am very chuffed with it.

Think I want the other side done too now.

11 piercings and counting lol.


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I really dig that. I have my rook pierced in my left ear and tregus in my right... I have actually been contemplating taking out my tregus and replacing it with the daith. Look hawt!


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very cool, i have a few sprinkled around my ears in unusual places but never did get all the wierd names for them down pat lol


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OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooh I'm too chicken to get that I've wanted that for so long...lmk know if it hurts.