My "OMG I just discovered Ebay" Haul


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Ok, obviously I knew about ebay. But as an unrepentant makeup-aholic, I figured that I should avoid it for the sake of my wallet and my sanity.

Sadly, a friend recently enabled me.

This is the result.


All wonderfully new, unused and super cheap.


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LOL I know alllll about ebay hauls. I recently went on a smashbox binge - and I don't even like Smashbox! Ebay does that to me, somehow... Anyway, I ended up with SB brushes and halo powder, still waiting for them to arrive. I almost bought the Muse palette as well, but lucky for my wallet I ended up swapping for it instead.

I spy the Too Faced Tropical Truffle palette! I got this at 50% off when The Bay was clearing out TF. I love it, I wear it all the time.

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