My Self-Made Brush Roll!


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Hi! So after I really started getting into brushes, I quickly outgrew my little glass that I put them in. And I fell in love with the idea of a brush roll!

So I spent New Years day in a mother-daughter bonding activity with my mom and we came up with this!
She figured out the construction and pressed the material and I did all the sewing. I swear, not even when I was working at a drycleaners did I get poked with so many pins!

Anyhoo, here is the finished roll!! It has about 60 spaces, four rows of elastic bands, and took about $17 worth of materials and 5 1/2 hours of quality time with my mom. HeeHee, I am such a dork sometimes.

And sorry about my carpet, I know I need to vacuum it!

Outside of the roll:

Empty inside:

Full inside:

All rolled up:

Thanks for looking!!!


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i love it! the blue material is gorgeous.

I might have to do this when i have some time off work.... *plot*


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Oh thank you! I actually got the material at my Jo-Anns. It was on clearance for $4/yard, then an additional 50% off! There was no way I could pass it up!


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that's really cool and creative of you. Enjoy your gorgeous, one of a kind brush roll!


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wowo that's so pretty, i love the material! That's really cool that you had the patience to do this


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That is wonderful! I'm really impressed, and your fabric is gorgeous (so are the buttons).


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Oh my goodness, that's absolutely beautiful!!! Love the creativity, I bet you could never find something like that at any old makeup store. Wonderful job =] You should make a business out of it haha


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agree with basically all the other comments
love the fabric choice and the clasps to close the roll are great!