My stash ... after so many years into makeup :)


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Honestly, one of the best I've seen! Big collection, nice storage and organization!


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Very neat and tidy.... i need to organize mine now :( looks like a mess next to urs :X :X


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thats such a neat organization, really love this, i wish i had so much patience even tho i dont have half as much as you do!


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You've done a lovely job.
I like how you're storing your brushes. I keep mine in a similar manner. I don't like the "cup storage system" because I don't like the idea of dust motes and questionable floaty things falling into the bristles. Out of curiosity, why do you choose to store your brushes horizontally?


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Looks great, bet you love being organized now. I know when you aren't organized, you can feel like a jumbled mess. Good job.

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