My Style Black!


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hello ladies, I really love MAC STYLE BLACK look, that's why I did this look! and I think it's really good for clubbing!lol




what I use
[face & cheek]
MUFE face & body #20 & 6
Chanel loose powder #30
MUFE duo shader
MAC blush #tenderling

[eye & lash]
MUFE flash color pot #black
MUFE e/s #black
MAC lipglass
Ardell lashes #111 & 108

MAC l/s #angel
MAC dazzleglass #baby sparks

and here's before/after XD


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So gorgeous!
And you're right, perfect for clubbing!
I might have to try this look sometime.


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Gorg!!! This looks great! I think Style Black can be created with so many different staples!! Great Job!! Loive the lips!!


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this literally made me gasp when i saw it! your looks are so beautiful... every time!!! one question... when you put the gloss over the black, did you notice any creasing because of it?


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This looks so great on you. I would never thought of putting the lipgloss on my eyeshadow. My my, you really rock this look!!!!


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Yayyy Snowkei! I love your looks >_< The black looks smokin hot on you and I love the shiny gloss it has. I can't wait to see what you come up with when Style Black is released.


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lip gloss?! wow, i'd never have thought of that! how did it hold up clubbing? i imagine it would end up all over my face!

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