My take on Twiggy


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Sorry that i have been so busy i miss this community, i'll try to post more now that i have a new camera :]
edit: I used...
eyes: vanilla e/sbeauty marked e/s, trax e/s, seedy pearl e/s and spunsilver glitter eyeliner
lips:viva glam v l/s, underage l/g, and morning glory l/g
face: bare minerals and flirt and tease blush


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LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TWIGGY...AND I love ur look even more...ur eyes are literally jumping out of the picture...ur soooo beautiful and u nailed the look!!!!!! u look gorgeous!!!


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Originally Posted by lindsay
looks good! and can i just say i ADORE your lip piercing!!

That piercing is hot! Is it 2 barbells or a surface piercing? Either way... I heart it!