my turn.


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I saw a few people post rainbow eyes FOTDs within the past few days, and that's one of my favorite looks, so I decided to post mine. :]


(yes, I'm pale, but I'm not THAT pale. I think the flash went off when it wasn't supposed to)



Eyeshadows used were: MAC - Passionate, Prestige - Curry, MAC - Chrome Yellow, Rebel - lime green (don't know the color name, but the brand is definitlely Rebel), don't know what the blue is, Prestige - Passionflower (the darker side). The liner is MAC - Blacktrack fluidline, mascara is Maybelline - Lash Stylist in black. Lips are MAC lipglass in Crystal Rose (favorite) with Milani Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Glow Girl (other favorite) on top of it.


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That is such a pretty rainbow!!!!

I LOVE that 1st picture of you, just wish i could see one with your eyes close


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Thank you! You can kind of get an idea by looking at the last picture. I just extended the colors all the way up to above the creases. :]


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This is SO very pretty! I love how you carried the colors down below your eyes, too!! I, too, wish I could see a closed-eye shot.

And what striking eyes!

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