My updated vanity setup and makeup/nail polish collection

honey on boost

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The boyfriend built the vanity for me for Christmas. I woke up on Christmas day to find a vanity next to the bed. He's lucky I'm a heavy sleeper! lol

He originally got it with one storage cabinet and I ran out of space so I went out and purchased one for the other side. I also recently found a vanity chair. It took me 6 months to finally find the perfect chair. We're getting a new black/brown bedroom set so I'm going with a black & white with tiffany blue & silver accents theme.

Now on to the photos! I don't know how to make them bigger :(

When I first got it.

Before the additional storage unit

As it sits now

****UPDATE 6/25**** Decided to take a pic of my makeup and nail polish collection.

Small perfume collection

Amika curling wand. I keep my blowdryer, brushes and straightener in a basket under my vanity.

Random drawer with stuff that doesn't fit in my vanity.

Where I keep all my personal brushes

Left side in boxes are backups and things I want to swap/give away.

Left has paint pots, fluidlines, cream shadows. Right has Dior, Mac, Nars, Illamasqua eyeshadow palettes.
Front: MES Rear: Eyeshadows in special packaging

My messy skin care drawer

Palettes (excuse the dirty ones) now I want to go wash them all! lol

Inside of my vanity drawer.
Mac blushes in special packaging, eye primers, lashes, bronzers, concealers etc.

The middle part contains all the items I use on a daily basis. To the right all my MSF, bronzers etc.

Chanel, Illamasqua, mac Blushes/beauty powders etc.

Lipsticks (duh)

Nail polish Alex

All my nail care products and nail polishes I want to use. I put them here so I don't forget about them.

Diors, Chanels, Butter Londons, Lynnderellas and RBL's. I took the caps off of most of them so I can actually see the colors.

Essie, Zoya, Cult Nails, Deborah Lippman and nails inc.

Opi's, Nicole by OPI, China Glaze, A England

Random nail polish drawer with multiple brands

On top of my vanity my most used liners, glosses and mattene lippies.

My bracelet holder, Dior lippies and small samples that I want to use. I leave them here so I don't forget about them.

My favorite foundation, YSL lippies, qtips/nail polish remover pads



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what a great way to be surprised ! you've got a great boyfriend :) ...awesome setup and your new chair is so beautiful too.


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how sweet ^^

anyway I have the same Hello Kitty beauty box.. what do you use it for? actually I have some nail polishes inside..


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Thank you! He's the best.. no if only I could get him to stop farting!!

Thank you!
I put my hair stuff in it like clips, barrettes etc. more farting! That is a fantastic set up, he did good!

I love that chair...where is it from?!


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Oh Honeyboost this is GORGEOUS! And I see Miss Dior and the Eiffel tower ! ;) Your np collection is just stunning.


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.....honey on boost

I only just discovered this thread!!!

Your vanity setup is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful

And your collection is STUNNING

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