MYER cosmetics group interveiw


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I just got an interveiw at Myer.
Its for part time cosmetics sales, not MAC but its still cosmetics and its experience so thats all that matters really.

Anyway, Im just wondering if anyone knows what to expect? And what I should wear and do with my makeup and hair?

Im a chubby brunette with blue eyes and NW20 skin tone. I have just below shoulder lenght straight-ish hair and a 50s style 'Bettie Page' fringe.

Im all excited

This will be my first retail job if I get it, and in cosmetics which I love



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Good Luck Hun...

Sorry i have no idea what happens at these group interviews, but i'm sure you'll be great.


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Keep your make-up fresh and natrual - you want them to see that you can do flawless make-up and present yourself properly, but also show that it's not about make-up for you, it's about make-up for the customer. Curl the lashes, groom your eyebrows, little things like that.

For your hair, give it a quick straighten, pop some gloss spray through the ends and tie it back neatly. A cute ribbon will help lift your look a little and make you more memorable, but you really want to aim to look like a Clinique girl - fresh-faced, immaculately groomed , and totally ready to wear that white lab coat.

(These are from my teaching notes from the CertII make-up services 'working in cosmetic retail' unit - YMMV on bits and pieces. Generally a good rule of them is to check out what the people who work there are wearing and how they're presented, then outdo them!


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Definately some great advice there
And don't forgot to be yourself! I'm sure you'll be great, I wish you luck!

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Hehehe I just saw this and had to share - I was a Recruitment Officer for Myer from 2000 to 2004! I helped create some of the interview process that they use.


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I've got one next Friday!
But I've worked for Myer before, so I totally know what to expect, but this time COSMETICS not menswear - YAY! lol