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for those who have gotten it in past couture collections, what is the coverage like? is it comparable to MAC studio fix powder? or less coverage? also is the finish pretty matte or more natural? i really want it if it has decent coverage because i'll get 2 powders for $50, almost the same as studio fix powder, but with the added bonus of pretty packaging! lol. oh yeah, and what would an nc37-40 get? the medium one? thanks!


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MAC's description:
An ultra-fine, super-sheer and very sophisticated pressed powder. Mysteriously silky-soft in texture, it glides on to give the skin a velvety matte, slightly luminous and altogether flawless finish to the skin. Exclusive to The Stylistics collection, it denotes its difference through its ultra-luxurious, pearl-embellished black metal compact with refill.

The one I have is Dark Secret (described as deep caramel) and I'm NW45. Last year's colors were
Model Chic - Warm beige
Lighthearted - Caramel
Dark Secret - Deep caramel

Dark Secret is a perfect match for my skintone. The only other MAC powder I have is the "Dark" MSF/Natural. The MP does not provide as much coverage as the MSF/Natural. I don't want it to. But it does provide a "velvety matte, slightly luminous and altogether flawless finish to the skin". I can't quite describe its perfection or finish. But this is the 1st powder I've used of any brand that provides such a finish that it does not look like I'm wearing powder. No ashiness to it and you don't have to wait for it to settle - if you know what I mean.

I sometimes use the MSF/Natural as a foundation and it provides plenty of coverage. I can't use the MP as a foundation substitute; 'cause it's too sheer.

I hope my babbling makes sense.

I love this powder and bought plenty of back-ups.


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studio fix isn't a powder, its a foundation. you're not gonna find a powder that gives more coverage than studio fix. the only mac powder that gives coverage is MSFN.


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I can’t speak to the comparison of it to sheer pressed powder, but it is heads above the blot powder. Mind you, the mystery powders do not have blot capabilities, but they do provide a velvety, smooth finish to your face with no ashy or over-powdery look to your skin.

The down-side to these powders is the limited colors available. Unless the 3 or 4 colors they offer are an exact match for you, they won’t work – at least that’s my experience. None of the ones from the 1st collection in 2006, Couture, was a match for me. The one color near my skin tone was too dark and left me with a muddy complexion.

I’m NW45 and Dark Secret from the Stylistics collection is a perfect match for my skin tone. And I’m happy the color is, also, in this year’s Monogram collection.

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