N haul and Nars Shanghai Lily, first in Holland!!!


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I am a very happy lady, because I am the first here in The Netherlands who had the stuff from the N/Naked collection, since I didn't even hit the Mac stores over here.....(well, I think I am, but I'm not 100 % sure).

This was my haul that came in last wednesday:

And there was more, Nars Shanghai Lily collection (soooo great!), Bare Escentuals Pussycat eyes and Benefit Justine Case and some OPI nail polishes:


But I ordered some more for members of my Dutch make-up forum, this was the total haul that came in:



We are all happy ladies here in The Netherlands.....and beautiful too with all the Mac stuff!


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wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ive never seen so much makeup at once, thats really nice of you to do cp's for people, great haul!!


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Can't wait for the N Collection to be released here!!

How do you like all the Shanghai Lily stuff? Particularly the lipgloss? NARS lipglosses are the best <3


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I have never seen so much MAC in one single haul!!! You made the largest dent by far in the N Collection!! And you are such a sweetie for doing CPs! I love it when people do it for me! Just....wow.... Enjoy!!
I am in total love of this collection! I rock a smokey eye almost daily and the 1N lipglass is the perfect nude lip color for my look! It's a collection that won't be around forever so I ran out and purchased 5 1N's so I will never be without.

Hey, anyone -- how are those paint pots??? Feedback???


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Oh, you lucky girl, you! I Looove the N Collection and you've got practically the whole thing. Enjoy all your lovely hauls!


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Thanks ladies for all the kind words!!!

First....the round things on the last pic is the Rosebud Brambleberry lip balm, which is great!!!

And the Shangai Lilly collection is just great, the Greek holiday has a fine shimmer and doesn't stick (much different from the Orgasm lipgloss I have).The Alhambra e/s duo is very nice, great neutral but beautiful colors that apply very easily! And the Multiple in Orgasm is just great, even nicer than the blush....which doesn't show too much on my skin (NC43). In short....I love them!

And the N collection is also great and very beautiful, I forgot to order Remotely grey, but I have ordered is now and it's on its way to me! The paint pots are beautiful and I think I will use them on a daily base, I love neutrals!!

And yes, I love doing cp's because in The Netherlands cosmetics is very expensive compared to the USA and above all in the USA the choice in cosmetics is so much more interesting! I do cp's weekly and sometimes more, there is even more on the way as I speak!

And btw.....we all love Specktra....since I've started reading this forum I am better informed then any Mac MUA in The netherlands!!

Thanks again!


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Originally Posted by ka-ron
"Newly opened MACstore in Maasdam"

you silly girl!! But you can come by my shop at any time!!!