Nars blush for NC30


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hey all. so, with the sephora f&f sale coming up, i wanted to get some nars blushes. i'm torn between orgasm and deep throat. I can only get one: whoever has both can you please tell me what the difference between the two are and which one has lighter pink undertones of the two. also, which one you prefer. i have mac shy beauty bpb, and from the looks of pics, the colours are similar. can someone please tell me how shy beauty compare to orgasm and deep throat. oh, and i'm eyeing luster, but afraid it would look muddy on my skin. and i'm nc 30 btw. if you're nc 30 and have a blush you really like, you can recommend it also. i'm mainly looking for light daytime colours. thanks.


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I'm an NC30 and the SA thought that Deep Throat would be better on me, but it was just flat peach on me. But I *love* Orgasm. It is definitely more pink on me, like a peach-pink with beautiful gold shimmer. I used to be a matte blush girl but since finally trying Orgasm and also the MAC Mineralize blushes, I find matte blushes very flat. But I also like Desire blush. And I have Sin but prefer MAC Plum Foolery as this is slightly more berry-pink rather than the mauve of Sin.

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