NARS for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2013


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All info and pictures courtesy of lenamonster. :)

An eye and cheek palette called "Voulez-vous" with Molokaï, Antananarivo, Rangoun and Lhasa eyeshadow as well as Deep Throat and Dolce Vita blushes.

A "bold" lip set called "Some Like it Hot".

Apparently there's also a neutral lip set.



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Here are links to the products (not yet available) on the Nordstrom site...

the palette


the lip sets


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The Voulez-vous palette looks lovely :D I already have DV though, but it's probably my favorite/most-used blush so maybe it'll be okay to get another one... -coughs- When does the Anniversary Sale start?


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My Nordstrom SA and I spoke on Saturday. I don't have a store in my state. As a cardholder I wish they just gave me a real preview website so I'd know what would be available come July 10th. Initially all I could remember was the palette. The lip set looks pretty, but I'm on a tighter budget this month.


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I don't think that we normally get any of these up here, so I can just dream about them... I'd be severely tempted by the palette even though I already have Deep Throat and Lhasa. I've wanted DV forever and the other colours look so nice...


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I just have lhasa so I'm getting the palette! I use my cheek palette so much. Already hit pan on Laguna.


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I haven't made a NARS purchase in a while and I don't own anything in that palette so maybe it'll be coming home with me :)


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I am so looking forward to this one~~ have we gotten any details on the non nude lip set?  My google-fu is more google-fail this week :unsure:
It comes with Pago Pago, Mini Gold Digger Larger Than Life Lip Gloss, Mini Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bettina, and NARS tote bag. For $50 Sorry I thought you said nude but you said non nude.


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thank you~ it is nice to have the nude colors listed here as well.

I am looking for the colored one since I tend to wear reds and pink reds but I am sure I will get it regardless of what is in it {barring serious cross over}

I appreciate your listing the price and information

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