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NARS Holiday 2019 Collection Info:
  • All Access Power Matte Pigment Set
  • NARS Studio 54 Slipstick
  • NARS Disco Strip Stick Lipsticks
  • Outshine Lip Gloss Set
  • Never Enough Lipstick Coffret
  • Velvet Rope Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set
  • Disco Baby Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set
  • Hypto Eye Shadow Palette
  • Inferno Eye Shadow Palette
  • Free Rubber Teak Palette
  • Star Scene Teak Palette
  • Orgasm Euphoria Set
  • VIP room essential Set
  • Studio 54 Dolce Vita Cracker
  • Studio 54 Climax Set
  • Softcore Blush & Balm Duo 5027
  • Softcore Blush & Balm Duo 5028
  • Softcore Blush & Balm Duo 5029
  • Studio 54 Brush Set


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Wow, Nars is going all out !The brush set and the lipgloss set caught my interest. If they're full sized I might pick it up, I hate tiny make up items lol.


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Yes! I forgot about the brush set. The SA showed me the 2 eyeshadow palettes. The purple cover one and the red cover one and the glitter lipsticks and the brush set. He had a book. I think I saw the other lipsticks too but he didn't point it out. The other stuff was probably in there too but he didn't show me. I know he said the red eye shadow palette was Sephora exclusive and the purple one was coming out on the 20th. I don't know if the other stuff is coming out that day too. Oh there is a lot here. I have to start plotting. The 20th is this week and I can't buy all this stuff if it is available. I kind of hope it isn't.


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I called the boutique yesterday. No holiday products. I figured it was a mistake but they did say they had the palette that was available only on IG. Well the funny thing is. I had been trying to buy it on IG forever. I could not get it to add to my cart. I saw the button but it would not go in. But I tried it again after the call and in it went. I decided to go to the store anyway for instant gratification. I should have questioned the SA more on holiday but thought I should get in and get out.

Ooh the Star Scene combo pics look really pretty. 5010 lipstick is a me color but I can see buying all of them, maybe not the red. . . I like 5-13 Mahogany and 5048 Terracotta Rose. Ooh big haul coming on. Now just need to know which pieces are coming in October and which in November.


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I ordered a bunch of stuff from Nordstrom because they had their 10 point event and it popped up the last day and I had been getting things in one day with my last 3 orders. But Nope! Not this time. I wanted one other thing and Ulta had it and they are having a point event too so I went with them. I noticed tracking said it was delivered 2 days ago. Nope. Just called and they said they would send it again. That would have been a quick turn around too. I've been getting stuff from Ulta lately with this 21 days event in 1 -2 days. So annoyed. I would have enjoyed going to the boutique to check everything out but I was greedy for points and figured it wouldn't kill me to wait a few days. But it is.

Oh I did call the boutique before I ordered as I didn't see the glitter lipsticks anywhere on any site and they said they didn't have them either. At least on launch day. I'm figuring maybe they are coming on the November launch. I think I will stop by eventually and see for myself.