NARS Liquid Eyeliner???


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how do you guys like the liquid eyeliner??? i find the fluidline creases on my picky eyes
so im willing to try the Nars ones... so any idea?? and hows the brush that comes with the bottle? do i need to get another one?



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I haven't tried Nars liquid liner yet, but I highly recommend Bourjois liner princeau (sp?). Fluidline, Bobbi Brown gel liner smudge on me yet this stays all day. HTH!


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NARS has a line of liquid liners that do not crease. Many are metallic shades. You need to supply your own eyeliner brush.


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They are phasing them out. Theres only 3 left, and they come with a little liner brush. They will be replaced with pen type liquid liners either spring or fall. So dont fall too in love lol.

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