Need a Catchy Name for My Freelancing Business


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Guys. I need your help. I am graduating from makeup school in a few months and I was trying to think of a name for my business so I could go ahead and order business cards. I wanted to incorporate 'Candie' in the name, if possible, but I am honestly trying to stray away from the 'Makeup by ...' and 'Faces by...' names. This is harder than I thought it would be. I've been trying to think of names for the past couple of weeks. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it.


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Originally Posted by OfficerJenny
Faces by Candie

Oh, you're such a rebel!

I'm gonna go out there and just shout out what comes to mind:

Sugar kisses and Candie'd faces.


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I know you said you want to stay away from simple things such as "Faces by..." or "Makeup by...", but something to keep in mind: depending on how you plan to market yourself, your name *should* make it clear to people what the business is.

If you have something too cute or abstract, but not clear, you risk losing business on the simple fact that someone 1. didn't know what you did or 2. knew from you or someone else what the business was, but didn't think it made you sound like a professional. Especially in the "image" business, first impressions are huge, and in some cases, your name is going to be that first exposure to you or impression of you.

It's a fine line to be catchy, memorable and clear; so, a name is a tough decision, for sure. I don't have any specific suggestions on a name, but congrats on completing school and good luck!


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In no way would I take an assistant seriously if they gave me a card that said MAC/Dior/Chanel/brand label in their name. I don't care if it is implied or directly stated, it's an immediate red flag.


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Use your actual name. It's more professional for those who will hire you and credit you properly for your work.


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^ This.

Cutesy names are good if you're into weddings, proms, special events and other civilian-related make-up work. If you want to angle for more serious work, trade under your real name.


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Matte heavy stock cream card with my name, speciality and contact information in fine weight Helvetica font. No pictures, no foil stamps, no gloss. Very minimalist.

I work at a different part of the market than special event/regular MUAs though.


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Thanks for this thread! I was wondering the same thing the other day as I'm doing my course hopefully in August.

I decided on my real name


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I agree with aeni & lara -- for a more professional perspective keep your true name & keep your card design simple, strong, & to the point.

However, for a twist -- (for the more special event/wedding/prom-type work) keep the above information in mind but change it up with a festive & eye-catching card color (I still recommend you use a heavy card-stock to continue the professional-feel).

I interned at an advertising agency in Orange County & came across a million and one creative yet professional business cards that caught my eye. Colorful, yet simple were my favored choice.

A great book to refer to for ALL types of business cards is one found at both Barnes' & Border's -- The Big Book of Business Cards.

hth & g'luck on your new venture!

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