Need advice in eyebrow shape


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Hello, I believe eyebrows are one of the most important aspects of makeup but i have not experience on it, I would appreciate the help of pros out there who can advise me in what eyebrow shape i should use, (i will use eyebrow extensions for fill), should i make my eyebrows a bit close together and a bit down?, arched? or straigh? eyebrows should be wider in the part that is close to the nose? hope you have a great day if you read this :D


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The best shape for your eyebrows is as close to your natural shape as possible, IMO. That said, a good rule of thumb is:
  • Your eyebrows start straight up from the outside of the tip of your nose.
  • The highest part of the brow arch is at a diagonal from in between the nose tip and the bottom corner up.
  • The end is at a diagonal from the bottom corner of your nose up.
They're also full enough as they are now.