Need Advice!! Opinions on eyeshadow and pigment storage


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I have this obsessive compulsiveness with my eyeshadows in palettes by color. I have to depot or put new shadows in and move them around to reorganize every single time I get a new one. It has too look neat! My problem is.. what should I do with pressed pigments? Should I put them WITH my eyeshadows in the specific color palette OR should I put them in their own palettes in rainbow color order? I do not have as many pigments as I do eyeshadows so I don't need that many palettes for them... yet LOL. Anyways, how do you organize your eyeshadow and pigments (that is if your pigments are pressed). I really can't decide, I need more opinons from anyone who is OCD like me =)


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I would put them in their own palette, arranged by color gradation. I think it would just irk me to have them in the same palette as 'regular' eyeshadows, because they're such a different category, you know?

But that's my crazy Virgo rising self talking, lol!


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Agreed! I think it would end up bothering you in the end, because they are different. So keep them separate for sure!


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I PIC ..I do the same thing .... keeping up with the labels is a pain sometimes (I use a labeling machine to write names in the lid so I don't have to turn the shadow over) .... but I also keep my pigments(pressed) in 15 pan palettes also..arranged light to dark with neutrals and by rainbow w/colors .... I used to keep them together but the visual differences drove me bananas. These are all my MAC shadows ...I was in the middle of re-organizing when I took this pic

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