need help lightening 5N lipstick


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OK people, I need some help! I bought 5N lipstick online and when it arrived it was much darker than I expected. Soo I need help trying to figure out how to wear the lipstick so it doesn't look like I shoved my face in chocolate! I can't find the box or reciept and I hate returning things, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. I don't use MAC foundation anymore, but when I did, I was somewhere around NC40-NC42 if that helps. TIA!


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Print out your receipt from MAC's web page in the your account area or from your e-mail order confirmation and return it. JMO.


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Try lighting it up with a lipglass like c-thru or any beigey light colour lipgloss


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hmm...layer a light layer of light coloured lip gloss on top...and what's even better would be using a lip brush,as that ensures that the colour you pick up from the tube is not too much...HTH!!