Need help to find perfect Eyelash Curlers .....


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Hi everyone ,

I'd really love some advice on which Eyelash Curlers you rate as the best of the best ? I have mid-length lashes that aren't as full as they once were , my lashes are straight and I find it hard for them to keep a curl . I also have hooded eyes , so do you rate Shu Uemuras , Char Tillbury , Suqqu , Shiseido, Chanel , ect ......which are amazing , can't do without :confused: TIA


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I use MAC's. (Mine are a black LE version from several years ago.) Along with being semi-hooded, my own lids turn down at the outer corners, so I prefer a more rounded shape in an eyelash curler.

The thing to do would be to look at your eyelids straight on in the mirror and -- using your upper lashes as a guide -- mentally trace the shape. Shu Uemura's is more on the flat side, as is (at least from what I can tell in pictures) Suqqu's. Charlotte's is quite rounded. Shiseido's is somewhere in between. Surratt's, which is another one that's been raved about online, is maybe a little bit more rounded than Shu's but still on the flatter end of the spectrum.

Also, if your lashes aren't holding a curl, you may want to try some sort of curling mascara or a waterproof mascara (waterproof supposedly holds a curl better). You could also try heating your lash curler for a few seconds before curling your lashes.

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