NEED HELP! Which Lipstick+Mascara should I get?


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I've decided to get a HE lipstick now that I do have the money and I'm stuck on which one to get><"
My top choice at the moment is YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ #1 Nude beige.
However, most women have said that it has terrible lasting power and it is quite expensive so I dont know if I should look for another one or just get 2 more MAC lipsticks.
I'm looking for a nude pink or berry lipstick, something pink. I'm NC25.

I'm also on the lookout for a great mascara. My lashes are an okay length except they are dead straight and after using a curler, they become straight again after a few hours. I was going to get YSL Faux Cils but the time before it gets clumpy is quite short so I'm leaning towards Dior DiorShow mascara.

Please help me!


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I've used only one high-end mascara ever, an Estee Lauder one, and that came in a set. I can't be of much help in that regard. (I tend to think that, in general, you don't need to spend the money on mascara given it has the shortest shelf life of any makeup item.) For lippies, I love MAC Viva Glam II for a muted pink. Don't know about a good berry colour.


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Thanks so much for your suggestion. You're right. I'm just thinking of buying a drugstore mascara now:)
I'll get the UD 24/7 pencil set instead:)


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I would try MAC's blankety for a nude pink and sophisto for a berry with gold shimmer. My fave mascara right now is also DS, Prestige my biggest lashes but I've heard really good things about Benefit They're Real for HE.

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