NEED HELP with NEw eyeshadow!!!


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I just purchased some new e/s 2day @my local mac store, sketch and the new gilty by association ( which i dont think i like it, 2 much glitter fall-off) my question is which e/s could i wear with sketch? I have the following shadows already: shroom, all that glitters, satin taupe, twinks, beautiful iris, gorgeous gold, aquadesiac, swimming.

thanks for the help n advance! : )


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Try all that glitters as a highlight, beautiful iris on the lid, & blend sketch on the crease. You can also define your outer v using sketch, it all depends on the intensity you prefer.
Then, brighten you inner corners w/ shroom. Line you lower lash line 2/3 of the way in w/ beautiful iris, and the outer 1/3 w/ sketch as well.
Your choice of a black, or a deep purple eyeliner on how you want to play up the eyes. : )


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From the colors you already own, Sketch could be used as a crease color with All That Glitters, Satin Taupe or Gorgeous Gold on the lid.


I would try Sketch in the crease with All that Glitters over the lid and Satin Taupe blended in for dimension. This may depend on how All that Glitters shows up on you, though. I'm an NC30, and it barely shows.


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I LOVE Sketch! I just got it a couple weeks ago after I've been wanting it forever. It's amazing! I bought it for the Pamela Anderson Viva Glam look. (I know it's old, but I love that look!) Here is the Face Chart. The other shadows are Mylar as a highlight, Sweet lust all over lid, Mink Pink and Sketch blended in crease. Sketch looks awesome with the viva Glam V l/s and l/g if you have them too
It's my fav go-to look

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