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Neon/Tropical Rainbow (Using the Kryolan UV-DG Pallette) Tut


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Jeeze.. wasn't that name a mouthful :p
Well anyways.. Here is my first tutorial that i am doing on Specktra. I'm only doing the eyes !! It may be a bit too bright for some people but I like it !
So lets get started !

Here are the products that i used .

(On Left) Kryolan UV-DG Pallette
(Eyeshadows Top - Bottom) Gulfstream, Cool Heat, Climate Blue, NYX Cherry, Bold as Gold, TKB Pop Mica Lemon Drop, Shockwave, UD Flash, NYX Yellow
Blacktrack Fluidline
(Brushes) MAC 219, Loew Cornell #1 Shader, Concealer Brush from Target

& this is the look we are going for

The KRYOLAN Pallette needs to be used wet so i like to keep a little glass of water and a towel near by.
I use a concealer brush but you can use any small brush that is for "wet" products !

How to use the Kryolan Pallette - Dip your brush in water . Wipe off the extra water on your towel . You want the brush to be just barely damp. Run your brush over the color a few times. Then you can apply it on your eye !

Apply UV Yellow on the inner corner of your eye, stopping at the crease .

UV-Orange next to it


Then UV Pink next to the orange ! Do not go past the crease !

Apply UV Purple above UV Pink above your crease


Then UV Green & UV Blue on your lower lashline . (UV Green inner UV Blue outer)


Great ! Now you have a super vibrant base for the eyeshadows that you will put on .
Since the area that you will apply colors on is very small, i like to use a small eyeshadow brush such as the MAC 219.

Above UV-Yellow, put a mixture of NYX Yellow and TKB Lemon Drop Pop!


Above UV-Orange, put Shockwave.


Then above UV-Pink put NYX Cherry

BTW I usually blend as I go so with each additional color, i do small circular strokes over the harsh line.

In your crease, apply UD Flash

Apply Bold As Gold on your inner corner, around your tear duct, and on your browbone .


On your lower lashline, apply Gulfstream, Cool Heat, and Climate Blue in that order starting from your inner corner !

Then, line your waterline with Blacktrack Fluidline, apply Mascara/False Lashes and you are done!

For false lashes i used Ardell #165.. i think and another pair of lashes cut in half




The Kryolan pallette just makes colors that you put on top of it pop!

Thanks for looking !



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Wow that looks so cool! I really want this Krylon palette now, I've seen it quite a bit around Specktra lately, does anyone know where I can find it? The colours pop so crazy, imagine that in a blacklight?

Also, great job on the blending. The watercolor-style eyeshadows are always so damn hard to blend.


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I love it! Looks great.. I wish I could pull the colors off but it just doesn't work on me! Looks great on you!!


Awesomeeeee. Most of the Kryolan UV palette eyes I've seen have been pretty poorly blended, but this is pretty awesome.


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great look. are these kroylan easy to use? i just discovered them today.-i m not sure are they e/s, body paint, or something else?


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Originally Posted by MAC_mallory
I just recreated this, but I used all MAC shadows, instead.
it came out really great!
thanks for this tut<3

ooh want to share ??

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