New hair color suggestions?!


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Hello ladies! So, I am in need for some suggestions and I'm hoping you all can help me.

I have a hair appointment this Thursday and I'm planning to get some burgundy halo highlights. What do you all think? Do you think burgundy would be good for my skin tone? Or do you guys suggest any others?

I really don't want to go blond like my first picture, but all suggestions are very much appreciated.

The pictures are arranged from oldest (senior prom 06') to newest.

Brown with blond highlights

Brown hair

Jet black hair

Dark brown/black


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I think the burgundy would be nice too! The blond is a little unnatural in my mind but burgundy would probably blend great - especially if you lightened your base colour a little too, the brown in the second picture is really nice.

I always am of the mind that black hair on anyone is a little harsh you see, but the brown looks really fresh and I think it compliments you the best.

Anyways let us know what you decide and how your hair turns out!


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I like the brown/black too the best out of those pictures. Such a great color! I think that burgundy highlights would look really good on you too!

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