new hair. new question.


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that's how my hair ended up..well, without photoshop of course haha. it's strawberry blonde now <3

like that. i love it, the boy that did it was SO amazing. madd props for him. i have really fine hair, os it's a pain in the ass to cut because you can see every line, but he sat there for about two hours with a razor comb and pulled off layers seemlessly...most amazing thing ever.
i want it a little longer, but to shape it up it had to be hacked way there any way to maybe help along the growth of one's hair? because by my estimate, mine's not too quick to do it on it's own haha.


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I love it!
Just take good care of you hair and get regular trims on the ends and that'll help you're hair to grow.
Because if you just grow your hair without regular trims you'll just end up having brittle, dry, split ends and it'll be cut even shorter to get rid of damage.


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OMG, I love it. I wouldn't change a thing about it. But I agree with getting it regularly trimmed. Hair grows faster when it is healthy, and then you won't lose much to damage when you get it cut the next time.

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