new makeup room so far...(pics!)


Well-known member as a follow up to me deciding to move my vanity and make-up into a new room and having an actual makeup room!!!, i am posting pics of it this far... this is my side...alll my makeup is in my vanity drawers, maybe I'll get around to posting my makeup a different time...

IMG_3020sm.jpg that Matt dosen't feel left out because I know how much he wants a movie room, this is his little movie spot on the other side with a bean bag chair until we can get him a real chair...the black dresser might not stay in here and he might want to move his movies up...I dunno...



...once there is stuff on the walls it will look better and maybe something on the window would be nice...I am super looking forward to doing my make-up in a spot the gives me even natural light all over instead of on only one side of my face!...let me know what you guys think!


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so quaint, i love the peaceful colors...and COOL! i love the reservoir dogs poster - whish i had it
bad ass


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awesome! i worked for quentin t. last summer.. hes awesome. i loooveee the very english look of the vanity.


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Aww, I love your room it's coming along great.

Not sure if it's to photo or me, but is your paint a light purple? I ask because I painted my study a very light pastel lavendar, purple shades are so great for makeup rooms (which is what my study is... aside from also housing my computer


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i love it... post pics when ur done with it... i wish i could have a MAKEUP room and i wish i had someplace (any place) with some kind of natural light.


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i want a dressing room with like a great make up table in the middle and some kind of skylight right above it..... oh man... but currently i live in a one bedroom apartment....damn!

yay you!


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i have to say that i absolutely love your style and taste in design. the room looks fabulous! i'm envious